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    Pandawill has a formalized control process that ensures the quality of every product through ever step of the process. The quality control system include supplier selection, work-in-progress inspections, final inspections and customer service.


    Incoming Quality Control

    This  process is  to control suppliers, verify incoming materials, and handle quality problems before assembly starts.

    The procedures include:

    >Vendor list check and quality records evaluate

    >Inspection of incoming materials

    >Monitor Quality Control of inspected properties


    In-Process Quality Control

    This process controls the assembly and testing process to decrease the occurrence of defects.

    The procedures include:

    >Preliminary contract review: examination of the specifications, delivery requirements, as well as other technical and business factors.

    >Manufacturing Instruction Development: base on the data provide by customers, our engineering department will develop the final Manufacturing Instruction, which describes the actual manufacturing processes and technologies used to produce the product.

    >Manufacturing Process Controls: follow the manufacturing instruction and working instructions to insure that the entire manufacturing processed is quality controlled. This include process control and testing & inspections.


    Outgoing Quality Assurance

    This is the last process before products ship to customers. It is every important to ensure our shipment is defect-free.

    The procedures include:

    >Final quality audits: perform visual and functional inspection, make sure it meets client’s specifications and requirements.

    > Packing: pack with ESD bags and make sure the products are well packed for delivery