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    This web site is an online information and communications service for Pandawill Circuits Co.,Ltd (Pandawill). By using this web site or by downloading material from it, you agree to the conditions of use as specified here. If you do not agree, then you may not use this web site nor download material from it.


    Restrictions to use

    The contents of this site are protected by copyright (c) 2007 Pandawill Circuits Co.,Ltd. All rights are reserved. Without written, advance approval from Pandawill the contents of this web site may neither in part, nor completely be copied, reproduced, transmitted, uploaded, published or be passed on in any way whatsoever. As the sole exception to this and for personal use only, Pandawill allows you to store and to print out extracts of these pages on your computer.



    The information on this web site is offered in good faith and Pandawill believes it to be correct. If however, you would like to make use of certain services, you should not rely on this information, but should make particular enquiries about the types of service concerned and their usability for the purpose you have in mind. This means that the information on this web site does not imply any express guarantee about the quality of the services or their suitability for a particular purpose, nor about the maintenance of intellectual property rights. Any guarantees and specifications of this kind are herewith expressly excluded. Under no circumstances will Pandawill be held responsible for any lost income, profit, business, contract or intrinsic value, not even for indirect financial damage to one party, be it through a contract, negligence or for any other reason. The information on this web site may contain imprecise technical details or spelling mistakes. Information may be changed or updated without any previous notice. Pandawill retains the right to improve and/or change the services described without giving any previous notice.


    Rights to brand names and branded terms

    All rights to brand names and branded terms of the names and terms mentioned by us here are the property of the owners of each brand concerned. Should we have forgotten to insert an (R) or a (TM) at any point, we would politely ask you to excuse our mistake. Please point this out in a brief email. It is not necessary to send a legal notice.


    Legal dissociation to links

    For legal reasons we here declare that we have no influence on the design or the content of the pages which we provide links to on our web site. We would thus like to expressly dissociate ourselves from all content of all linked pages and state that we do not adopt it as our own. This declaration applies for all of the links built into our web site. Please let us know of any offending items so that we can remove the corresponding links.



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    Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

    For every dispute arising from these conditions of use and the activities described there, the sole place of jurisdiction is Shenzhen, China. China law is applicable. Pandawill does however retain the right to take legal steps in countries outside of China, and in cities other than Shenzhen, to protect its interests and enforce its rights, as necessary.