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    Pandawill is a leading PCB manufacturer and PCB assembly service provider located in Shenzhen China. We are dedicated to providing superior Quality, Delivery and Customer Service at a competitive price. In order to accurately quote for your PCB or PCB assembly, we simply need the following information and Pandawill Circuits will do the rest.


    For PCB quotation

    1. Gerber files with unique Part number

    A unique part number for the PCB that you will recognize.

    2. Quality

    Please kindly advise each production volume, annual volume, production cycle

    3. Lead time

    PCBs can be made in as little as 24 hours up to a maximum of 20-days to achieve the best manufacturing price.

    4. An engineering drawing if available

    This will allow our front-end team to confirm technical specification and clarify any data conflicts.

    5. Any specific requirements

    Requirements for solderable finish or materials (if not specified within the Gerber file or engineering drawing)


    For PCB Assembly quotation

    1. PCB Gerber file

    Requirement the same as above PCB quotation

    2. BOM (Bill of material)

    “BOM in excel with Part numbers, Manufacturers part numbers, Supplier names, Reference designators with quantity per component”

    3. Quantity

    Quantity for each production

    Estimated annual requirements

    4. Any specific requirements

    Leaded or RoHs

    Any test requirements

    Any special requirements

    5. Project Information

    If you could help to provide us the project information will be great help to us to provide you the best quotation.