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    Privacy is an important right of yours. Providing your personal info for us is based on the trust you have in us, please trust us that we will deal with your personal info in a responsible way. We think that the info you provide can only enable us provide better service for you, therefore, we drew up sina online person info protection regulations so that your personal info can be protected. The abstract of the regulation is listed as follows:

    What type of personal info do we gather?

    Normally, you can visit our website and gather info in a anonymous state. Before asking you to provide relevant info, we will explain the functions of the info. For some web pages, you need to register to join us. Under normal circumstances, this type of registration will only requires you to provide an email address or some basic info of yours, such as your occupation, job title etc. Sometimes you will be required to fill in more info. The purpose of doing it is to make us understand your requirements better and to provide you with better service. The info we gather include name, address and telephone number. You are entitled not to accept any materials or data from us.

    Your Privacy Protection

    We will take appropriate actions to protect your privacy. Every time you provide us with sensitive info, we will adopt reasonable actions to protect it and legal safe means to protect stored personal info. We won’t provide any personal info to any unrelated third parties (including companies or individuals) without getting your permission unless the law or government enforces us to do so. But, if you require us to provide certain customer support services or deliver goods to you, we need to provide your info to the third party such as courier companies. Our website will provide the link of the third parties’ websites. Due to the inability to control these websites, we suggest you read carefully personal info privacy protection regulations of third parties’ websites.

    Privacy Right Principle

    Your privacy right means a lot to us, therefore, Pandawill, which releases the privacy right statement, will manage private info based on the following five principles:

    Every time Pandawill needs to identify you or contact you, we will enquire certain personal info. Generally, when you register on our website and ask for special service or attend a competition with a price, you will be required to provide personal info of yours. If possible, Pandawill will make use of some ways to identify the correctness and effectiveness of your personal info.

    Pandawill and its cooperative service partner will use your personal info to operate website and its service, and will inform you of the latest functions, services and different types of Pandawill and its affiliated companies. Pandawill will carefully select product or service material for you from other companies, normally it is about website service itself, but it is not secondary function for the operation.

    If Pandawill wants to use personal info on secondary functions, Sina will provide you explanations on how to reject the service, you can terminate the email delivery according to the explanation on data or promotion letters from Pandawill.

    Pandawill might make personal info public due to legal requirements or it is necessary to do so for the following reasons:

    1. Corresponding to legal proclamation or complying with legal procedures of Sina website.

    2. Protecting the rights or property of Pandawill users.

    3. Protecting Pandawill or its users personal or public security under urgent circumstances.

    If you think Pandawill is not obeying those principles, please inform us by sending email to us: service@Pandawillcircuits.com. We will make every effort improving the problem in reasonable and appropriate scope.

    Functions of Cookies

    Sometimes Pandawill will use cookies to know which web pages got the most views so that you will get better service next time. Cookies won’t track personal info. When you register our websites, Pandawill will also use cookies, under this circumstance, useful info can be stored so that we can identify you next time you visit our website. Cookies from Pandawill can only be read by Pandawill. If your browser is set to reject cookies, you can still visit most of our web pages.