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    How does Pandawill order components for Turn-Key orders?

    We order to your exact bill of material ordering 5% or 5 extra for most components. Occasionally we are faced with minimum / multiple orders where extra components must be purchased. These parts are addressed, and approval received from our customer prior to ordering.

    On turn-key jobs, what does Pandawill do about part crossing or substitutions?

    Pandawill can help hold inventory, but we will not substitute parts on your bill of material with parts we already have. We can suggest crosses or assist with component selection if necessary, but we will send data sheet to require customer approval before ordering.

    What is the lead time on a turn-key order?

    1.Procurement lead time is in addition to assembly lead times.

    2.If we order circuit boards, in most cases this is the longest lead time part, and is determined by customer needs.

    3.All components must be received prior to beginning the assembly portion of the order

    Can Pandawill order just components or just my circuit board?

    Yes, we can order just what you need us to provide, and you can supply the rest. We refer to this type of order as a partial turn-key job.

    What happens to the leftover components on Turn-Key orders?

    Components with minimum purchase requirements are returned with the finished PCBs or Pandawill helps hold inventory as requested. All other components are not returned to the customer.

    What do I need to send for a turn-key order?

    1.Bill of material, complete with info in excel format.

    2.Complete info includes – manufacturer’s name, part number, ref designators, component description, quantity

    3.Complete Gerber files

    4.Centroid data – this file can be created by Pandawill if needed.

    What about moisture sensitive components?

    1.Many SMT component packages absorb small amounts of moisture over time. When these components go through the reflow oven, that moisture may expand and damage or destroy the chip. Sometimes the damage can be seen visually. Sometimes you can’t see it at all. If we need to bake your components, your job may be delayed by up to 48 hours. This bake time will not count toward your turn-time.

    2.We follow the JDEC J-STD-033B.1 standard.

    3.What that means is that if the component is labeled as being moisture sensitive or is open and unlabeled, we will determine if it needs to be baked or call you to determine if it needs to be baked.

    4.On 5 and 10 day turns, this probably will not cause delays.

    5.On 24 and 48 hour jobs, the need to bake components will cause a delay of up to 48 hours that will not be counted toward your tune time.

    6.If possible, always send us your components sealed in the packaging that you received them in.

    How do I need to supply components?

    Each bag, tray, etc should be clearly marked with the part number that is listed on your bill of materials.

    1.Depending on the assembly service you choose, we can work with cut tape of any length, tubes, reels and trays. We assume care will be taken to protect the integrity of the components.

    2.If components are moisture or static sensitive, please package accordingly in static controlled and/or sealed packaging.

    3.SMT components provided loose or in bulk should be considered as thru-hole placements. You should always confirm with us first before quoting a job with loose SMT components. Sending them loose may cause damage and will likely cost you extra in handling. It is almost always less expensive to buy a new strip of components then to have us try and use them loose.