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    Pandawill understand that time is very critical when you are looking to approve a prototype or manufacture a pilot batch of PCBs for design approval. We also know that very projects run on time or early, and often the urgency for prototype batches is very real.


    Our CAM Engineering department will ensure no time is lost in getting your prototype design into manufacture and delivered on time. We can produce simple single-sided and double-sided PTH designs in 24 hours in small volumes and 72-96 hours for multilayer up to 8 layers . For urgent boards, Please inform us in advance so that we can ensure that the data is proceeded the minute we receive your data. And we will ensure there is no time lost into the manufacturing process.


    Category Quick Turn prototype Standard Lead Time (small batch)
    2 layers 2 days 5 days
     4 layers 3 days 6 days
    6 layers 4 days 7 days
    8 layers 5 days 8 days
    10 layers 6 days 10 days


    All data is controlled so that the next transition to volume manufacturing ensures total continuity between the materials and design used to approve the prototypes and the volume production quantity. Pandawill Circuits is a good choice of your prototype work and we will help to optimise the design and layout of your prototypes to achieve the lowest possible costs for your approved manufacturing volumes.


    Talk to Pandawill and we will assist your speed to market.