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    At Pandawill Circuits, we welcome PCB inquiries for any volume of boards, from a single circuit up to large volumes that are supplied over a scheduled period of time. As always all our efforts is to ensure that regardless of volume, you get boards delivered at the most competitive price and on time delivery.


    The process in reading, quoting and ultimately supplying PCBs is no different no matter for small or large volume and we value customers equally, however PCBs are an ‘economy of scale’ product, which means that the very best prices can be achieved when we are able to manufacture the largest batches possible.


    For larger volume boards, we offer a choice of either scheduled deliveries or we can help with stock management services to supply exactly the right number of boards relative to your monthly manufacturing plan. We also offer a cost saving to those customers who are prepared to take 100% of stock quickly as it is advantageous to us, and we will share that advantage with you.


    Pandawill will offer a price based on the total annual volume of boards, but split the manufacturing quantity for large volumes across a number of smaller batches. This will ensure the boards have the longest available shelf-life.


    We are happy to supply you in the most convenient and flexible way to meet your needs.