The automotive sector has particular demands for circuit boards and often a considerable pressure for large volume commercial savings.


Pandawill Circuits offer a full range of PCB technologies manufactured to comply with ISO/TS16949 requirements.


All circuits boards are UL/TUV approved and manufactured with absolute traceability down to the day of manufacture and all chemical processes involved in their manufacture.


Pandawill Circuits offer the full range of substratematerials including:

  • FR4 (a wide range of Tg ratings and nominated suppliers)
  • Rogers or Arlon materials (PTFE & Ceramics)
  • IMS substrates (aluminium and solid copper)
  • Flexible circuits
  • Flex-rigid


All of the above can be supplied in a range of solderable finishes best matched to your assembly process to create the most efficient yield and build time.


Reliability is a huge focus for automotive applications, and our CAM Engineering team will optimise every aspect of the board at point of manufacture to guarantee the longest operational reliability (MTBF).


We can also use our ‘lean cost’ and measured overheads approach in order to offer exceptional prices linked to quality products.