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    Total process control and reduced tolerances are hugely important for any technology where measurement is the primary product function.


    All of the circuit boards manufactured by pandawill Circuits can be supplied to IPC Class 2 or 3 standards, but more importantly, pandawill apply tighter tolerance controls that standard to ensure that all products delivered offer continuity of physical dimensions and electronics performance.


    The IPC specifications can at times be disconcertingly broad and forgiving for a manufacture of circuit boards, but the difference between top and bottom tolerance can be in the region of  20% variance. pandawill feel this is simply not enough control and is completely avoidable if suitable care is taken when selecting raw materials and manufacturing multi-layer PCBs.


    For every circuit board supplied by pandawill Circuit, we supply a several page comprehensive quality report that shows all of the physical dimensions, materials, plating depths and processes confirmation.


    The boards are also supplied with a cross section if required to show layer build and internal plating performance, and a solderability sample that indicated the wetting performance of the solderable finish and the PCB’s resistance to delamination.


    Every first batch delivered will undergo secondary inspection at the pandawill Circuits office and each pack is marked with our logo once approved.