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    The assembly sector have a broader requirement for circuit boards technologies, volumes, lead times and specialist capabilities than any other board user.


    Pandawill Circuits have considerable experience of servicing EMS and CEM companies to offer a comprehensive range of PCB solutions to suit all of those requirements efficiently and quickly to match the often short notice given to build physical products and get them out of the door.


    Pandawill are able to offer any technology, layer count and material in volumes ranging from single circuits right through to large volumes and stock management so you only take the PCBs as and when you need them.


    Pandawill can supply boards in as little as 24 hours and they are supplied to make assembly easy and fuss-free as follows:

    No X-outs

    No track welds or repairs

    All boards supplied with full traceability

    100% inspected and electrically tested

    The full range of materials(Substrates), solder resist colors and surface finish technologies to match your broad requirements.

    Support prototype, quick turn, small to large volume production.

    All boards secondary inspected and supplied in standard multiples in the same orientation for cassette feeding


    We offer all of the above advantages with boards that are guaranteed and underwritten because we are so confident in the quality that we supply.